Yoga | Aerial Yoga


Yoga at KORE varies, from Gentle to advanced, but most are all levels, unless specified. Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Beginner and Flow, just to name a few. We also offer Aerial Yoga which is anti-gravity yoga in silk hammocks, suspended from the ceiling! This class is all levels, and works wonders for the skeletal and nervous systems. Hanging upside down has tremendous health benefits and climbing back up strengthens every muscle in the body.



Our Barre program is a great way to work your booty while having the support of a permanent traditional ballet barre to incorporate ballet, dance and Pilates! Barre is a branch off of contemporary Pilates, which differs from our classical instruction. We are one of the only studios with wall-to-wall permanent barres! This makes a huge difference since holding yourself up on a permanent barre is the only way barre is meant to be taught. Many barre classes in the I.E. use temporary barres.

Pilates | Group Reformers


We firmly believe that everyone needs exercise in their life, and that Pilates provides a great way to give back to yourself, to get the blood flowing & your endorphins firing! Group Reform Pilates wants to be that space where you can come take a challenging class, chat with your fellow pilates students, and maybe grab a latte with your instructor! We promise to keep the classes challenging & fun.  We promise to keep an eye on your alignment & posture, so that we can help you craft the body you’ve always wanted! We promise that class by class you will notice changes in your posture, muscle engagement, and core strength.  We do stay true to the original Pilates principles of:
Centering - Concentration - Control - Precision - Breath - Flow

Drop In

50 MINUTES $15

Purchase 5 or more classes Only $10 (Mat Classes)! Group Pilates Reformer only $15 per class!

Drop-In $15. No contracts, no gimmicks, Simple.

Barre & Stretch


This class balances its focus between the toning and cardio elements of Barre with an upbeat attitude along side the flexibility and mobility benefits of Yoga. This class is instructed with modern and eclectic playlists of music with a variety of movements that approach a full spectrum of movement and physiology. Students may be asked to use body weight, the classical barre, Pilates ring, hand weights, and resistance bands during classes to achieve the best possible results.