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Senior  Instructor
Classical Pilates Instructor & Training Program Director

Christina Newman

Mentor, and healthy living advisor. Over a decade of experience in guiding people to physical, mental, and emotional freedom. Christina is known for her uplifting presence, her creative personal teaching style, and the safe space she holds for her students, Christina’s classes are inspirational, bio-mechanically savvy, supremely fun, and driven by commitment to support people in opening to their highest potential, both on and off the mat.

Christina has loved her own practice since the mid 90’s and has been a dedicated and devoted student in the Prana Vinyasa Flow community under the guidance of Shiva Rea. This dedication and commitment has allowed Christina to be recognized as a Mentor for Prana Flow students within the training program as well as assisting Shiva Rea globally on retreats and teacher trainings. Christina is a certified teacher with an ERYT500 designation and appreciates the experiences that have led to teaching over 5000 hours of yoga with the community. She teaches Prana Vinyasa Flow™, embodied anatomy, restorative yoga, Pranayama at various workshops, festivals, retreats and her own training programs.

Christina resides in the local area and feels incredible pride to call southern California home. Her home life is filled with the joy of her husband David and two children Zoe and Zachary. Times off the yoga mat are spent with family, reading and gardening.


Tracy Delamarian

Tracy has a unique story with Kore!
She began as a dedicated and loyal client! Her love for Barre and Pilates grew so strong that she asked to be mentored through the studio, to teach for us. After countless hours of mentoring and attending as many classes as she possibly could, she was highly regarded and is now one of our best teachers in Burn at the Barre, Pilates mat and Pilates sculpt. This is the magic of our program, it's contagious. Come and join Tracy for a new body, goals you want to accomplish, alleviate stress or just to have a great time!

Thalia Kirchwehm

Group reformer, one-on-one private lessons and Pilates mat classes. Thalia was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her cervical spine (the neck), and she would be out of commission for days when her neck injury would fire up. All specialists she saw recommended surgery, but at such a young age, she knew that there must be another way. Ironically, a physical therapist recommended Pilates! She dove in, taking 3 privates a week, which relieved her pain completely within only a few months.. These results led her to become a teacher. She felt her experience would help others as it helped her. Now she teaches at Kore everyday and has been pain free for over 6 years! Focusing on Classical Pilates workouts, teaching the original exercises as they were meant to be taught. Thalia continues her education, attending seminars, doing research on new and more effective exercises and remains a student in he industry.

Trained in anatomy, Thalia can help clients with any ailments; hip replacement, knee surgery, vertigo, acid reflux, stroke, postnatal, prenatal, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, high blood pressure, any surgery recovery (elective or necessity), and that's only to name a few! There is a Pilates workout regimen for any and all individuals. Her goal is healthy clients... Thalia gives exceptional workouts to tone, gain strength, improve posture and achieve a higher quality of life. She welcomes all levels, even those with no experience at all. Feel free to email her directly at thalia@korepilatesandyoga.com, she's available to answer any questions.

Senior Instructor
Master Pilates Instructor