10 sessions you'll feel a difference,
20 sessions you'll see a difference,
30 sessions others will notice a difference

Joseph Pilates, the Pilate promise

Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is an exercise regimen for anyone looking to gain strength, improve posture, work around or rehabilitate injured areas of the body. It is prescribed by physical therapists for individuals with any type of injury. Enjoy a total body workout with a Classical Pilates mat class.

Pilates was started by a man named Joseph Pilates, he was a war prisoner, and turned the bunk bed in his prison dorm into what is now known as the Cadillac. Joseph Pilates was a boxer and an inventor. He used objects from around the prison to build resistance training equipment. And that is exactly what Pilates is today, a resistance training exercise program. It uses the weight of an individuals body to build strength. All of the equipment; the reformer, Cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, foot corrector, spine corrector, and ring are used to bear the weight of your own body to build strength. We believe that the real benefits of Pilates and Yoga comes from consistency.

Much of the class is performed in a prone or spine position with slow movements and no equipment. Every Pilates move, however, depends on principles such concentration, control, fluidity, breath and balance. Through a strong mind-body connection, your muscles become toned and you improve your overall ability to execute coordinated movements. Although Pilates does not offer tremendous aerobic conditioning, fitness professionals and health care providers agree that it offers other significant benefits. Concentrate on your core. (abs plus muscles that support the spine). Done on the mat, appropriate for beginner through advanced levels.