Gentle Restorative Yoga


This class is a perfect choice for those who want a more therapeutic yoga class. Lots of breath work, poses that are perfect for the beginner, and/or those with injuries. Mostly done sitting or laying down on the mat and/or the bolster pillow. Comforting and relaxing!

Vinyasa Yoga Flow


Traditional yoga poses, at a slightly faster pace. Gets your heart rate up, breath becomes deeper, music is more upbeat, yet still relaxing savasana at the end.

Hatha Yoga


Tones the endocrine glands that have an important role in preserving the harmonious functioning of the body. These include the thyroid and adrenals, which all effect your "fight or flight" instinct. By filling those areas though correct breath and body alignment, you can naturally de-stress your mind and body immediately. We should always take care of our thoughts, making sure to invite only virtuous ones into the mind. The Yoga asanas and breathing techniques help to keep the endocrine glands in perfect balance and healthy condition.

Prenatal Yoga



Taught by a highly trained prenatal/postnatal Yoga Teacher! Please join us to connect with your body and your baby in the most spiritual way! Accept whats happening to your changing body and prepare for childbirth.

Aerial Yoga


Involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout. Think Cirque du Soleil, for gym-goers and yoga buffs. It's also incredibly fun.

Prana Yoga-Beginner/Intermediate


Pranayama yoga is also called "breathing yoga" because it is based on the principle of controlling the breath. The name Pranayama yoga, according to linguistic sources, comes from the words "prana" (life force) and "yama" (control). It is a component of various styles or disciplines of yoga. Along with other critical items like "asana" (postures), Pranayama is a central part of how yoga helps participants to get in tune with their bodies.

Candlelight Yoga/Slow Flow Yoga


Flow through the yoga poses to the dim and soothing light of candles. De-stressing, relaxing, gets you ready for a deep, good nights sleep! Beginners are welcome!!

Teacher Training

All levels with Teacher training. Learn basic poses, principles of Yoga alignment, breathing patterns and enjoy increased flexibility and stress relief. Our skilled instructors will create the option directed to meet the individual need whether beginner to advanced...Deepening your Yoga Practice. You will move to more challenging poses with alignment through consistency. Be prepared to sweat and have a great workout at any level!


Introduction to Yoga Series


This is a four-class series beginning on the first Monday of each month. You’ll be introduced to basic postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), meditation techniques and yoga philosophy. Elements of the practice are explained more thoroughly–with emphasis on proper breathing, alignment and mindful movement. If you have any flexibility/strength limitations, special conditions or injuries, you will learn modifications that enable you to practice effectively and safely. This series is appropriate for those who have never been to a yoga class before, those who have completed the series and would like to continue their educations or those who desire a refresher on the fundamentals.